One Soul

Dr. GuyLive's Narrative of  a Universal Voice Sending Messages to Humanity.

My Rainbow Light

Dr. GuyLive's story of how the Portal of Love transformed him through the Rainbow Light Chakras.

My Amish Guy

Documentary of Guy’s quest to find organic food after a cancer diagnosis, leads to 10 years of love and laughter with Amish farming families.

Your Health Matters

Our health is key to the quality of Love, laughter and joy we experience. Are you taking better care of your car than yoursel? Time to stop!

Nine The Hard Way

Sometimes you learn as you go, that's why we share what we know. Dr. GuyLive shares his story of raising nine children.

Two of a KInd

After buring all his brothers and  family Guy finds a twin brother from another mother on Facebook fifty years later.


Man of many personalities.

Black Boot Band

A mailman and an Amish farmer find spontaneous melodic love in an old dusty music studio. In that studio, they found Blubious Orb and a time portal.