WGUYTV is the creative vision of Dr. Guy P. Spencer, business man, actor, model, musician, spiritual activist, and most importantly, a family man.  Here at WGUYTV, our overall goal is to bring happiness, joy, and love into your reach, through radio, television, internet, and live appearances.

Here, you will find both pre-recorded and live broadcasts on many current topics of interest.  Some of the shows you will find on our website include The GuyLive Show, My Amish Guy, Nine the Hard Way, How to be a Daddy, Your Health Matters, My Wake-up Time, My Rainbow Light, and the spontaneous combustion performances by the Black Boot Band.  Each show has its own divinely created purpose.  Take a moment to enjoy some of our shows as you peruse WGUYTV.

Our live shows will include interviews and performances from many thought leaders and entertainers, both from the local community and across the world.  Many of our shows are interactive, allowing you, the audience, the opportunity to call in and chat with the host and guests during the live shows.  Check out our upcoming lineup and make a plan to join us, LIVE, during one of our shows.

Are you wondering how you can get involved?  Perhaps you are you a person with a special talent.  Are you a subject matter expert in your field?  Do you have a cause that drives you from day to day?  If so, then why not send us an email and let us know of your specialty.  There might be a place for you on an upcoming episode of the GuyLive show or one of our many programs.  Send us an email at WGUYTV@gmail.com, telling us what you would like to share on our show.

If you have your own show or internet channel, and you think you would be a great fit for our current lineup, then feel free to send us a short clip with a description of your show and how you believe it would fit in here at WGUYTV.com.

Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to seeing more of you in the future.  Check in with us often as our content changes regularly.  Also, look for our YouTube Channel for more great videos.