Who is the Black Boot Band (BBB)?

BBB was born in a portal by co-incident. It was a coincidental intersection between a post man and an Amish organic farmer.

How you and Benny meet?

The post man was a customer to the organic farmer. Whenever the postman came to pick up his Amish organic food, in other words, organic dairy and eggs, they would talk for 30 minutes to an hour, about the holistic condition of humanity, both sharing equally in these conversations about health, wellness, and living a holistic lifestyle. Benny and Guy had these conversations every week for three years, all the while, becoming very good friends.

One day, in the autumn of 2014, Benny mentioned that he had a birthday coming up soon. Guy asked benny, “Hey, what day is your birthday?” Benny excitedly said, “it’s January 10th!” Guy’s eyes exploded with excitement as he shouted, “my birthday is January 10th too!!!” The two looked at each other, faces aglow, astonished at the revelation that they shared the same birthday, after all of these years, but they never knew.

Two weeks later, while Benny and Guy were talking, Benny mentioned that he played guitar. Once again, Guy’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. He began shouting, “I play guitar too!” With this new knowledge, these two souls agreed to meet two weeks later, on a Sunday, for the first Benny and Guy session.