My Wake-Up Time

Opening our eyes every morning, is a cause for celebration. So many times, we forget to take just a few moments for ourselves, to offer love to ourselves, and to offer thankfulness for this beautiful creation called planet earth. My wake-up time reminds us that life is worth living. It is a precious gift, and we should not take it lightly. We were created for a divine purpose: to love each other. Join Dr GuyLive & Professor Cassandra Powell for inspirational messages and meditations to help you rejoice in each new day. Let’s let that love flow, every day, with My Wake-Up Time. 

"Every day we make choices – choices to be happy or sad, choices to be joyful or mad.  Today, I choose Life.  I choose Love.  I choose Me.”

Professor Cassandra Powell 

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About Professor Cassandra Powell

Cassandra Powell, called Sanskrit by her closest friends, is a Linguist and a Professor of Communications, Spanish, English, & Leadership Development. Likewise, she is the Director of the Honors College and Honor Society Advisor on her college campus.

In addition to teaching, Cassandra is a Yoga & Meditation teacher, having been a practitioner for over 20 years. She maintains a heavy focus on making yoga accessible to Every Body, She believes that in yoga’s 8-fold path, there is something for Every Body - regardless of frame, size, weight, medical conditions, national origin, gender, life experiences and circumstances, or any of the other ways that we perceive ourselves to be different. She is an active participant in Yoga for Social Justice activities, and the Yoga Body Image Coalition. From meditation to asanas (body work) to pranayama (breathing), and all other areas that yoga entails on the 8-fold path, Cassandra believes that Every Body can benefit from some element of a yogic practice.

In addition to studying and practicing yoga, Cassandra is a highly spiritual and intuitive being who provides private sessions in addition to teaching an array of workshops which include Reiki (Master level), Shamanism, Sound & Vibrational Therapy, Meditation, Chakra Clearing, & other energy healing modalities. And if that’s not enough, Cassandra loves to sing kirtan and recite mantra. And when time allows, she occasionally sings with the Black Boot Band.

Finally, as an amateur photographer, Cassandra spends much of her time taking photos and video recordings. Although she photographs many things, she specializes in photographing spiritual light beings from other dimensions.  Cassandra’s message to the world is “Know that you are not alone.  You are never alone. You will never be alone. And you are LOVED, LOVED, LOVED! There is always a presence there, even if you cannot see her, him, or it, and those unseen are ready, willing, and able to help you on this life’s journey. So, ask for help when you need it. Believe. Receive. And let the light shine in”.



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