Your Health Matters

In 1998, after seven years of being a successful corporate executive for an international fortune 500 corporation, and ten years of a rewarding career as an entrepreneur, Dr. GuyLive found himself at a crossroads that would change his life forever. His beloved mother passed away unexpectedly from heart disease and the misfortunate care of the hospital facility.  Two weeks later, he was diagnosed with cancer from a different hospital.  Having felt like there must be a better solution to healing, he began a journey, somewhat different than the standard American medical protocol.

Dr. GuyLive took a moment to absorb this information and then decided; cancer would not have an easy place to rest in his body! He began to make immediate changes in his lifestyle in order to save his life. One of the most substantial changes he made was to pay closer attention to what he put into his body. After significant time spent in deep research, Dr. GuyLive realized that the best plan of action was to incrementally change his relationship with food and with all things that he came in contact with. And that eventually, those incremental changes, along with cleansing, would lead to rejuvenation of  vibrant health.  He decided that the way to better health and to save his life was to find fresh, all-natural, local, organic food and to get to know himself at a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Dr. GuyLive discovered that what we put into our mind also effects our physical health. When our thoughts are vibrating at a frequency that is out of tune with love, the devastating effects can wreak havoc on our bodies, souls, & minds. But when our thoughts vibrate in a frequency of peace, joy, gratitude, humility, and love, then you are beginning to unlock the keys to vibrational health.

Since defeating cancer, Dr. GuyLive now lives a healthy & happy life. Journey with Dr. GuyLive through his experiences to find out the secrets to how you can not only make changes in your diet, implement cleansing, and also make changes in your thought patterns to help you regain the vitality, happiness, and health that you deserve.

"Your body is like a vehicle for your soul. You don’t put the wrong oil into your car without causing problems for the engine. Shouldn’t you take care of your own body as well as you take care of your car?"

- Dr. Guy P. Spencer